As written by Jason

Sophie is everything to me and everything that I am not. She is consistently never on time for anything, she is extremely picky when it comes to food and she loves to sleep. All characteristics that I would despise in almost anybody else. But not Sophie. Why? I really don’t know why. Maybe it keeps me on my toes even more or maybe it makes things more challenging for me (which I like). But, when my ambition in life is to make other people happy, there is something about Sophie’s non-stop smile and warm heart that brings happiness to me.

She also brings balance to my life. B.S. (before Sophie) I would live out of a backpack, travelling with 2 pairs of underwear and 3 shirts to the most random places and stay at the dingiest hostel, while taking 3 connecting bus rides to get to my destination just to save a few pennies, which I was saving for something more important. Those pennies I am now spending with Sophie on everything that we enjoy together. Her joyful demeanor makes everything fun no matter what it is.

On a side note, B.S. I was not ticklish. But now, she makes me very ticklish. I feel like a child with her, as she brings out the playful side of me and brings laughter into almost all situations.

Her family values are unmatched and she’s always looking out and wanting the best for her friends, even if it means that they end up buying the same travel bags, wearing the same clothes, or using the exact same kitchen appliances, just because she believes in the products and wants everyone to benefit from them. Sophie has a strong drive for things that are important to her and will stop at nothing until achieving it. Even with that determination, good things seem to always come to her. She wants the best for everyone and in return things always work out for the best for her. In fact, these special forces brought us together.

As written by Sophie

I had absolutely no idea when first meeting Jason about how our lives would intertwine and the attraction and connection that would develop between us. But I was instantly fascinated with his story. How this smart civil engineer with a promising career quit his full time job to organize a touring van that followed Pearl Jam across all of Canada and later the world. He was not afraid to risk everything and follow his dreams, inspiring people along the way. People talk about doing these things but Jason had the guts to actually do it – and that left an immediate impression.

Jason is good at organizing things and, like his life motto, “make it happen” – he’s a natural leader that his friends all look up to.

As I got to know him better, it was amazing to see how complete opposites we are on the surface but how similar our underlying beliefs are and our ideas on life and how to live it. I felt so happy to find in Jason not only everything I dreamed of in a partner but that he even shares and understands how important Pearl Jam and their music is to me.

Fluent in English and Cantonese, I was delighted when he took up the challenge of learning Hungarian (“one of the most difficult languages in the world”) and has been increasingly understanding more and more in my bilingual family.

What also makes Jason so special to me personally is all the little things. He is keenly observant and extremely thoughtful (unusually so for a guy, ha ha). He knows me so well and what I like and is always doing sweet surprises – how he makes the bed every morning in the fancy way I like it, folds my clothes, makes brunch for us on the weekends cutting up the small tomatoes and salting them just how I like and getting me orange juice in the right glass, and beautifully presented dinners that often wait for me on arrival home from work – prepared using my mom’s Hungarian recipes as a base and adding his unique touches, all the sweet little things that make me so happy.

When Jason commits to something, he does it fully, and he has the ability to make a person feel like they are the only one in the world.

And Jason brings out my silly side … together we’re like two kids.

Jason is someone very special, not only to me but to a huge group of people worldwide who have followed his story as inspiration. One good friend, Lisa Town, who is much better with words than I am, summed it up in the following:

“Jason, thank you for shining the extra light … that makes sure we all shine like the beautiful stars we are. I love you … and everything you do and everything you are. We are tiny pieces of the most amazing force I have ever encountered … ”

Enjoy our Just Like Heaven video.

Special thanks to our talented friend Laura Ward for these amazing photographs of us.