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We are thrilled to have all of you travel such great distances to celebrate the four days with us. So to help get the most out of your Hungarian experience, we have been working hard to source out the most memorable and cost efficient activities to include in this package deal for our guests.

The cost is $130 USD per person and payments can be made through Paypal before March 31.

Note that because we’ve set this up as a donation, paypal wouldn’t let us add quantities to the payment. So if you are trying to pay for more than 1 person, you will need to make separate payments for each person.

If you don’t have paypal, you can still make payments on there. After you click the button above, you then click the “continue” button just below the heading “Don’t have a PayPal account?” on the left part of the paypal page. You will then be able to pay with the credit card of your choice.

Here are the travel package details as promised.


Because the hotel in Lillafured and all the other venues are not easy to get to on your own, the package will include all the transportation you will need for the full four days. You just need to get to Budapest by Thursday and we’ll get you back after the wedding.

We will have 2 or 3 shuttle buses for the following routes:

Thursday May 31
03:00pm – Star Inn Hotel in Budapest -> Lázár Equestrian Park for the Welcome Dinner
08:00pm – Lázár Equestrian Park -> Hotel Palota in Lillafured

Friday June 1
10:00am – Hotel Palota in Lillafured -> Eger for sightseeing tour
05:00pm – Eger -> Thummerer Pince Winery
10:00pm – Thummerer Pince Winery -> Hotel Palota in Lillafured

Sunday June 3
11:00am – Hotel Palota in Lillafured -> Budapest Ferihegy Airport and Star Inn Hotel in Budapest
03:00pm – Hotel Palota in Lillafured -> Budapest Ferihegy Airport and Star Inn Hotel in Budapest

Monday June 4
We will help out with finding transportation (possibly a minibus) for anyone staying an extra night as we are returning to Budapest on this day too.


We’ll have 3 English speaking tour guides leading us through the historic town of Eger.

These are some of the places we’ll be visiting:

Líceum, The Basilica (with an organ concert), Kossuth Lajos street, Egészségház street, Múzsák ligete, Thermal Bath building, Dózsa György square (fortress and castle), Dobó street, Minaret, Dobó square.


This is the main event, as Hungary is known for their fine wines and great food. So what better way to see the country than to see a wine cellar followed by a wine pairing dinner at one of the best – Thummerer.

After a tour of their spectacular wine cellar, we will be treated to a delicious meal that is cooked in a ceramic pot inside of a traditional stone oven (vegetarian options will be available as well) complete with the best wine pairings. This will be a more intimate and relaxed evening and could even be more fun than the wedding night itself. It will surely be a memorable dinner none the less.

Here is a taste of what the menu will be for the night.

Wine #1: 2008 Királyleányka (white wine)

First Course: Smoked tenderloin with horseradish cream and homemade bread
Wine #2: 2011 Chardonnay
Wine #3: 2011 Rosé

Second Course: Duck breast and roast mangalitsa pork with salad and baked potatoes
Wine #4: 2009 Pinot noir
Wine #5: 2009 Cabernet sauvignon
Wine #6: 2006 Egri Bikavér Superior (Bull’s Blood -> Hungarian specialty)
Wine #7: 2006 Vili papa cuvée (Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot)
Homemade Cheese

Desert: Homemade Plum Cake
Wine #8: 2011 Muskotály (muscat desert wine)

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