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  1. Fanni, Regina says: June 6, 20127:37 am

    nagyon jó, és szép volt az esküv?. nagyon jól éreztük magunkat. sok boldogságot kívámnunk!


  2. william yang says: June 4, 20125:07 pm

    hey jason… long time no see… we need to see you and your WIFE sophie at one of Doug’s and Debbie’s house party…. congrats and what a nice story!


  3. Jon & Margrett Fels says: June 2, 201212:59 am

    Congratulations on your wedding day! May the Lord bless you many times over with health, happiness, and a love that knows no bounds. Enjoy your most glorious wedding with your family and friends and know that you are in our thoughts here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


  4. Jon & Margrett Fels says: June 1, 20129:46 pm

    Sophie & Jason,
    On your wedding day, we send you greetings from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with best wishes for love, health, & happiness in your new life as man and wife. May the Lord bless you on this most special day & always.
    Jon & Margrett


  5. Sally and Rudy Hirschheim says: May 30, 20129:18 pm

    Sophie and Jason,
    Rudy and I will be thinking of you all on your special day. We wish you all the happiness and very best wishes.Congratulations!
    Sally and Rudy


  6. Fanni, Regi says: May 26, 201211:57 am

    nagyon várjuk már az esküv?t, nagyon izgatottak vagyunk


  7. Ingrid & Tom says: May 23, 20127:32 pm

    Only one week left until the big event!! So sorry we will not be able to make it, but will enjoy toasting you from afar and sending our best and warmest wishes from California.

    Happy Celebration and Congratulations!


  8. Hinn says: April 26, 20128:11 pm

    Needing ideas on when I should get out of Budapest for the onward journey onto Prague. Wednesday, maybe?

    Anyone sorted that train ride yet?


  9. Jason Rogers says: April 9, 20129:58 am

    Hot date….. check
    see you there!



  10. Shelley and Juanqui says: April 9, 20125:58 am

    OMG…Jason and Sophie! How have we not replied yet?! Such bad, bad friends…sorry!
    Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend your big day, although we might still win the lottery 😛 If only….would have loved to have a spin on the dance floor with you guys!
    We wish you both the very best and hope to catch up soon once you are back in Vancouver.
    Have a rum shot for us!
    xoxoxo Shell and Juanqui


  11. Lisette says: March 29, 20128:31 pm

    It kills me that Brian and I will not be able to attend your wedding. Wishing you all the best love and happiness on your special day. <3


  12. Helen Stoddard says: February 29, 20126:27 pm

    Sophie, Lonny and I are happy to attend your wedding. We are arriving May 15th and leaving June 12th.

    We are trying to pay for the entertainment segment, but having trouble it just wants us to pay for one, I am trying to pay for two.Might want to check your website. Cheers Helen


  13. Rowan says: February 3, 20121:03 am

    Hi Guys,
    It was great to spend New Year with you! And to taste the best jambalaya I’ve ever had thanks to Sophie’s Mum.
    Your wedding plans look amazing – I’m sorry I won’t be able to come. My Dad has some work in LA in May so I’m going to do a road trip with my Mum in the states and then they’re coming up to Vancouver.
    Have a great time and thank you for the invitation.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Row x


  14. Karin says: January 22, 20126:34 pm

    Hello Sophie and Jayson!

    I had a look at your website for the first time tonight!! It’s fantastic (obviously 🙂
    Now when the new year has started and I have done a few months in the company.., I feel like I can focus on the next thing and I’m very much looking forward to join you in Hungary for your wedding! I have justs started to look at flights now, and yes.., might look into doing a bit of a detour on the way back home.. 🙂

    Hope you guys are well.
    Speak soon.
    xx Ka.


  15. Niki H and Jonathan says: January 17, 20121:37 am

    Just saw the video you made for save the date. Awesome loved all the 06 02s everywhere!! Niki


  16. Rob and Caroline says: January 12, 201211:37 am

    Can’t wait gonna be a fantasic 4 days! Woohoooo!

    Hot Wax first dance? hahaha!


  17. John & Lynda Lo says: January 11, 20123:00 am

    Dear Sophie & Jason,

    We love to come and share your happiness together!
    look forward to be in Budapest with you two soon!


    Auntie Lynda and Uncle John


  18. Lisette says: December 5, 20114:52 pm

    I am still planning on being there and really hope that nothing gets in my way to stop me from being able to celebrate your special day with you. Your video is fantastic! I have watched it three times. 🙂


  19. Erika says: November 29, 20117:55 pm

    hey you two!

    after a long period of reflection, unfortunately as much as i want to come to your wedding next year i just don’t think is realistic for me money wise, as i have just been asked to be a bridesmaid in another destination wedding in 2012.

    that said, i know you guys are going to have a fantastic time and look forward to seeing all the amazing pictures, and will be sending all my love to hungary that end of may/beginning of june weekend!

    hope to see you again soon,
    -erika ;o)

    p.s. i am enjoying following your latest travels on facebook.


  20. Thoralf Thamke says: November 22, 20119:56 pm

    Congratulations from Germany. A Dream comes true!
    I look forward to the Events, but I have to plan something. The Fact is, my Vacation is definitely realized.

    I am so happy to see you all on the Wedding Day in Hungary!!




  21. Lisa Town says: November 20, 20118:46 pm

    So… we were just enjoying a lazy Sunday breakfast and talking about needing a getaway and tossing around the idea of Mexico in January… I looked to the left and saw a photo of Babs with her “Eddie Would Go” t-shirt on… I said to David… “I haven’t had a chance to look at Jason & Sophie’s invitation… Wait a minute… NEVERMIND MEXICO…” 😉 Let the planning begin! The wedding/venue/video/you two… Look AMAZING!! Here’s to making things happen!

    Lisa xo


  22. cL says: November 18, 20113:28 pm

    Sry I can’t it make it cousin 🙁 but I will be there with you 2 in spirit 😀
    Love you guys lots <3


  23. Claudio Saroldi says: October 10, 20118:21 pm

    really nice video guys, I just didn’t understand why is it “Hinn” in the video, but still, pretty good !!!



  24. Katie Hirschheim says: August 21, 201110:06 pm

    I absolutely loooooooove the video, just like I love you two. 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I am ever so happy for you two, and am very excited to be a part of this wedding/celebration!


  25. Darcy says: August 13, 201111:21 am

    We are coming!!! Soo Happy and Excited for you guys:) Can’t wait to be there on your Special Day:) xxx Darcy


  26. Dana says: August 13, 20113:02 am

    shut UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. Tat says: August 13, 20111:10 am

    Congratulations again my friends!
    Lovely video.

    I’ll be there for sure 😀


  28. David T. says: August 12, 201111:22 pm

    A+ on the video guys!

    *starting to save $$*



  29. Jordan 'Bones' Downey says: August 10, 20117:18 pm

    Congrats Jay and Sophie!,

    Great video, you make a cute couple! I look forward to seeing you soon!




  30. Francisco Hoi says: August 8, 201111:48 am

    Congratulations!!! I am very glad for you two. I will definitely be attending your wedding in Hungary next summer.



  31. Pin says: August 7, 20116:10 pm

    Congratulations again !!!

    No way I´ll miss this !!!!! Can´t wait 😀
    Awesome video.

    Cheers, Pin


  32. Lau says: August 7, 201111:24 am

    Congratulations Guys!
    I can’t wait to be there to celebrate with you and your family!!!


  33. Douglas Yu says: August 7, 20118:46 am

    Congrats Buddy! Can’t wait for the big day!


  34. Hajni Módis says: August 4, 20113:45 pm

    Congrats again on the engagement. Such a great video especially the part where Sophie puts the alarm on “snooze” 🙂 I can’t wait for the big day!

    Sok puszi!


  35. Carol White says: August 4, 20113:48 am

    What wonderful news for a beautiful couple. May life shower you with Blessings. Loved the video.
    Mrs. Carol


  36. Mary and Ben Chepovsky says: August 4, 20112:33 am

    Sophie and Jason, Congratulations again on your engagement. We are planning to be there for the wedding to celebrate with you, if we can. The date is already set aside.
    We want to take this opportunity to thank you one more time for your hospitality and the great time we had last month in London. We loved the video!!!!


  37. Fumiko and Hiroshi Hasegawa says: August 4, 201112:23 am

    Sophie and Jason,many congratulations on your wedding. We have been waiting for the big news for a year.You are beautiful couple. We are honored to attend the ceremony.The party would be a big fun.We will take advantage of this oportunity to travel other places that we have never visited before.We are looking forward to seeing you again in Hungary.


  38. Sergio says: August 3, 201110:29 pm

    Congratulations you guys!!! Amazing stuff 🙂
    What a great surprise this was to see your email in the mornig!!! 🙂

    Can’t wait for it and it will be a pleasure to share your hapiness and party hard along with it!

    and Hinn:
    i’m in for the road trip….starting in Budapest! 😀
    I guess some other ppl may also come in a road trip from Zagreb 😛


    Sérgio Filipe

    rock on!!! 🙂


  39. Terry says: August 3, 20117:42 pm

    Congratulations guys,

    I know it will be awesome, and I wish you luck in all your preparations.

    Great start with the video!



  40. Hinny says: August 3, 20116:57 pm

    The Hello cover was great. But not as great as Sophie overpacking.

    When’s the date again?

    Oh. I think I’ve booked that date to be laundry day. Y’know, priorities and all.

    Now, screw flying, who’s up for a roadtrip there?


  41. Mirella says: August 3, 20116:54 pm

    Congratulations, Sophie and Jason! Great video with the perfect music 🙂


  42. Helen & Simon says: August 3, 20116:08 pm

    So happy for you two, that’s brilliant news and this place you’re getting married looks AMAZING! Thank you so much for the invite and definitely count us in! x


  43. Carol & Brad says: August 3, 20115:07 pm

    I am SOO excited for you guys! Congratulations!!! We will definitely try to make it next year. Will keep you posted!! Btw video was amazing. You guys are amazing. Can’t wait to see you next year! xoxo


  44. Auntie Marian says: August 3, 20113:08 pm

    Can’t wait to see you in the fall.
    The date is saved.

    Awesome video!!


  45. Barbara says: August 3, 20112:02 pm

    Congratulations again!
    I won’t miss your wedding,so looking forward to it!!!

    The video is awesome!


  46. Iva & Mario says: August 3, 201110:59 am

    Congratulations! We’re so happy for you guys! The date is soooo saved! 😉


  47. Beca & Randell says: August 3, 201110:57 am

    Hello love birds!
    When are you getting married again?! (sorry couldn’t resist!) Love the video(I do hope Jason will not have to still stay in that tent after 06.02.2012). We are so excited for you guys. Sophie, You will make a beautiful beautiful bride (the wedding will have every detail planned for sure) Love you lots, congrats again!

    Beca & Randell


  48. Viviana and Pierre says: August 3, 201110:51 am

    Hello engaged friends! This is the first event we sign up for as a married couple! The video is perfect, as always! We will be there, sounds like a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious plan! Hugs and love and much much patience and easy taking for this wedding planning year to come. The Mateo-Fluxa family.


  49. Michael says: August 3, 20119:47 am

    awesome news guys.
    Great video as expected from you two as well!
    Who is filming the wedding 😉


  50. Laura says: August 3, 20119:37 am

    I’ve been planning the ‘Sophie and Jason’ wedding holiday for a few weeks now 😉
    Thank you! xx


  51. Fleur says: August 3, 20119:22 am

    This is THE best ‘Save the Date’ I have ever received – congratulations guys!!! 🙂


  52. Pippa says: August 3, 20119:09 am

    Lovely video … you know I’ll be there. 6th of Feb right?? 😛


  53. Magda says: August 3, 20118:39 am

    So happy for you two! What a great and funny video! Saving the date!


  54. Stefan says: August 3, 20116:28 am

    Added to my calendar! That hotel looks amazing. Looking forward to see you two in Hungary.


  55. Elaine, Eric & Nicholas says: August 3, 20114:16 am

    The video is beautiful! We are so happy for you guys.


  56. Venassa n Raph says: August 3, 20114:05 am

    So incredibly happy! Marriage is such a blessing! We are going to try our best to get over!


  57. Clayton and Gitta says: August 3, 20112:10 am

    Congrats guys! Lovely video.


  58. cL says: August 3, 201112:24 am

    so happy for you 2 =) you 2 are the sweetest couple ever =)


  59. Jessica chepovsky says: August 2, 201111:57 pm

    It’s going to be amazing. It’s already in the calendar. I’m just glad I made it onto the “yes” list. 🙂


  60. Dora Kelle and Toru Hasegawa says: July 26, 20118:58 pm

    Wooohooo…can’t wait! We’re totally there. 🙂


    Thoralf Thamke replied:November 22nd, 201110:14 pm

    I am glad that I can see you again, if all goes well this time I’m there with my girlfriend who had at your wedding, unfortunately no time.