What will Jason be wearing?

Jason had never done so much shopping in his life before. 3 to 4 times a week for nearly a month. And all for only one item: his wedding suit.

He went through all the department stores in London, which is no easy task even for the seasoned shopper. He bravely took on the constantly hounding sales staff at all the high-end designer stores, but escaped only to be more confused than ever. He scoured through the listings on ebay for Lanvin, Corneliani, Versace, Juun.J and found nothing worth his while. What was supposed to be a simple chore turned into more trouble than Sophie’s wedding dress.

Everything was too plain and boring and anything that Jason was remotely interested in was too sporty or not formal enough.

That was until he walked into William Hunt on Saville Row and liked what he saw.

After a quick browse around the small boutique, he immediately knew which was the one and went through the same routine of trying it on and having photos taken of him to send to Sophie. She approved.

On the next visit, Sophie came along to see Jason try on the suit again. It fit and looked great. And after already having decided on the purchase, John, the only sales person in the store finally came over for a chat. He was really friendly and helpful and even promised to help find a tie from the previous season that they no longer carry. Measurements were made for alternations and Jason felt very comfortable with this decision. There was a very good vibe felt by all, cementing the fact that this was the suit to purchase.

When it came time for payment, Jason received a discount for no reason at all and assurance that he will get the tie. As he picked up the suit the following week, the suit fit perfectly and the tie looked even better than on the pictures. John shared a few stories and gave them a thank you hug before they left.

What was mostly a stressful shopping experience turned out to be a pleasant one. And with all the discounts received, Jason managed to beat out Sophie’s low cost (after some great wheeling and dealing) on her dress. The money saved here has been moved to the alcohol budget.

If anyone in the London area is looking for a suit for any occasion, William Hunt is highly recommended. Stay tuned for the results on June 2.

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