So who’s filming our wedding?

This is the #1 question everyone asked immediately after congratulating us when we announced our big day. “So who’s going to film your wedding?” they wondered.

Well, we’re ecstatic to tell you that we’ve got the very best in the business, stillmotion.

Not only are they the ones who revolutionized the way wedding films are made, they are the inspiration for us venturing into the industry with Infinitum Weddings.

After starting out by only doing wedding films, stillmotion was quickly noticed by the NFL for their beautiful cinematography and their unique proactive storytelling style instead of the normally used reactive coverage style. They were hired to shoot the Super Bowl and have since added clients such as Callaway, Canon, CBS, Showtime and now Sophie & Jason.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, stillmotion will be flying in 5 of their finest to be our guests at the wedding and to cover the event for both film and photography. They are very excited about it and would love to get to know you all as well. So when you get a chance during the 3 days, you’re encouraged to introduce yourself to the film and photography crew of Patrick, Amina, Ray, Justin and Michelle. They are a friendly bunch.

By the way, congrats to stillmotion for recently winning 3 Emmy awards for their first featured length documentary, Game of Honor, including for best sports documentary. Here’s their trailer that won outstanding promo.

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