Hungarian alcohol at the wedding

Hungarians love their alcohol. So it is only fitting that we sourced the top quality pálinka, wine, champagne and beer for our guests at the wedding.

Pálinka is the drink of choice in Hungary. This is a type of brandy that is made exclusively from fresh fruits within the country and free of additional ingredients or additives. You’ll often be offered a shot of pálinka as a welcoming. In fact, a traditional Hungarian greeting is “Pálinkás jó reggelt!” which means “Good morning with pálinka!”

So what will we have for our guests?

For our wedding we will be serving Agárdi Pálinka, one of the most highly decorated pálinka distilleries in the country.

Hungarian wines are very well known worldwide, especially the Tokaji dessert wine and the red wine Bull’s Blood of Eger. We will have a chance to taste the Bull’s Blood during the wine-tasting dinner at Thummerer as part of the travel packages and we’ll also have some Tokaji dessert wine available when the cake is being served.

Throughout the wedding dinner, however, we will be have white wine from Frittmann and red wine from Vida, Hungary’s wine maker of the year. The red wine will include merlot, cabernet franc, pinor noir, rose and blue franc.

For the champagne toast, we’ll be pouring Hungaria, a high quality local champange.

On the other hand, Hungary is not known for their beer. But there is nothing to worry about. We will have imported beer from Austria and the Netherlands with Gösser and Heineken on tap, both meeting Jason’s approval.

So to recap, here is what we will serve at the wedding:
Pálinka – Agárdi Pálinka
White wine – Frittmann
Red wine– Vida
Champagne – Hungaria
Draft beer – Gösser and Heineken

We will have a well stocked bar and drinks are on us so egészségedre! Or cheers!

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