Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania (known as Erdély in Hungarian) is a traditionally Hungarian region of Romania with beautiful mountain towns, lakes and special hot springs. It’s a place where people still say ‘hi’ to each other on the street in small villages, women wash their rugs at the central well and the cows walk home by themselves at dusk, knowing exactly where to go. The roads are not great and it’s less touristy than most places with some amazing home-cooked food and a bit like stepping back in time into a magical era. You’re probably expecting to read about Dracula, but that takes place in central Romania at the edge of Transylvania.


  • Torockó (Rimetea) is a picturesque Hungarian village surrounded by mountains, including the famous Székelyko, a challenging uphill hike
  • Békás-szoros (Cheile Bicazului)
  • Gyilkos-tó (meaning killer lake) (Lacul Rosu) – has remains of the forest, which grew here until 1837, conserved by the water
  • Csíkszereda (Miercurea-Ciuc) with the Csíkszereda – Millenniumi-templom (Millenium Church) designed by famous contemporary Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz
  • Medve-tó (Lacul Ursu) huge lake of natural hot spring known to have medicinal qualities
  • Tordai-hasadék (Cheile Turzii) is a beautiful canyon that you can hike along and even drink from the natural, cold spring water along the way
  • Szent Anna-tó (Lacul Sfânta Ana)
  • Szejkefürdo (Seiche) features an outdoor museum of székelykapú traditionally carved wooden gates typical of the region


  • Be sure to try kürtöskalács a unique Hungarian pastry that is from Transylvania and is much better here than anywhere else I’ve tried




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