Prague, Czech Republic

For centuries it has been known as Zlatá Praha or Golden Prague – a glittering jewel of art and architecture nestling snugly at the heart of Europe. Home to emperors and kings, artists and astronomers, this beautiful and fascinating city has worked its subtle magic on generations of visitors, and lent inspiration to musicians and writers from Mozart to Dvorák and Kafka to Klíma.


  • the Castle district is beautiful, especially the Golden Lane area where the castle guards used to live
  • The Jewish cemetary is famous for its thin, crooked gravestones
  • Take a walk over the Charles bridge and buy some souvenirs from the local artists
  • For architecture, check out Frank Gehry’s Fred and Ginger building
  • Walk up in the park Letenske sady (next to the river) for the best view of the many bridges that’s pictured on a lot of postcards




  • Konopište is a nice day trip from Prague where the 13th century hunting castle of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is located


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