Pécs, Hungary

Blessed with a mild climate, an illustrious past and a number of fine museums and monuments, Pécs is the jewel of Southern Transdanubia, if not all provincial Hungary. For these reasons and more, many travelers put it second to Budapest on their ‘must-see’ list. Pécs has been selected to be the European Capital of Culture in 2010.


  • Two museums not to miss in Pécs are the Csontváry Museum (with beautiful surreal paintings by Csontváry) and the Vasarely Museum (Op artwork by Vasarely)
  • The Early Christian Necropolis has tombs dating from the 4th century and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Pécs is well-known for Zsolnay porcelain. There is a Zsolnay Museum showcasing the porcelain and there is a small shop in the center of the city near the fountain made from Zsolnay porcelain
  • The Pécs Cathedral is located next to the catacombs and is impressively large
  • Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kassim is a mosque that was turned into a Catholic church


  • Hotel Palatinus is the place I remember eating after my cousins’ graduation from med school
  • There is a nice cafe near the city wall – but I will have to figure out where that was…



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