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Airport taxis & sharing rides

Once you arrive into Budapest airport, the best way to get into the city is by taxi or shuttle bus.

The shuttle and taxi each have fix tariffs depending on where you’re going in the city, so just ask ahead of time. It should be roughly 5000 to 6000 HUF. You can even book online with FöTaxi if you wish. A standard tip is 10%.

If you are arriving by yourself, it’s probably cheaper to take shuttle bus. Check ASM Airport Shuttle Minibusz for more information.

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Good time to book flights

It seems like there has been some decent prices floating around for flights to Budapest. So now is probably a good time to start looking for flights and possibly booking for the wedding.

Remember that the wedding begins on Thursday afternoon (May 31) with the buses leaving from Budapest at around 2:30pm.

Also note the following holidays around the time of the wedding to consider:
– Monday June 4 and Tuesday June 5 are both bank holidays in the UK
– Monday May 28 is Memorial Day in the US
– Monday May 21 is Victoria Day in Canada

Here are some prices we’ve found to give you an idea on what to look for:
– London to Budapest for £86 one way with British Airways
– Vancouver to Budapest $1100 to $1200 return
– New York to Budapest $900 to $1000 return
– New Orleans to Budapest $1200 to $1300 return
– Europe to Budapest will vary constantly, so use skyscanner to find your best prices

To book flights, we go through the following process in sourcing out the best prices.

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Room sharing forum

For those of you traveling to the wedding by yourself and want to share costs on a room, we’ve set up a forum for you to interact with each other for arranging room shares. If you’re looking to share, go HERE.

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